Chondral Pick Set
GatewayMed's Chondral Pick Set is high quality and durable for Microfracture. The Chondral Pick set, with a wide range of instrument angles tips, can be used for all types of Microfracture surgery. Each chondral pick has the handle already fitted for ease of use and maximum efficiency to speed up the case.

  Complete set of Chondral Pics with 5 different picks and a mallet 
  225-600-200 Chondral Pick Straight
225-600-225 Chondral Pick 25deg Angle Tip
225-600-240 Chondral Pick 40deg Angle Tip
225-600-260 Chondral Pick 60deg Angle Tip
225-600-290 Chondral Pick 90deg Angle Tip
225-600-300 Mallet for Chondral Picks

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