Orthopedic Beach Chair Positioner
The Orthopedic Beach Chair Positioner provides a convenient, safe, and stable method of placing and maintaining patients in the 'beach chair position'. This Orthopedic Beach Chair Positioner surpasses all others in dependability, reliability, and ease of operation.


The Orthopedic Beach Chair Positioner provides unparalleled speed and flexibility in shoulder cases. The chair rapidly attaches to standard OR tables via a simple clamping mechanism that engages attachment rails, and within minutes, is ready for a case.

The device is totally passive (no electricity required) and relies on a pneumatic cylinder that provides continuous adjustment angles and a rigid lock to the desired position. Once secured to the surgical table, the chair allows access to either shoulder in a variety of combinations.

Main Features

  • 1. Fast patient positioning
  • 2. Superior patient stability
  • 3. Infinite positions easily performed by one person
  • 4. No disposables required
  • 5. Compatible with all OR tables
  • 6. LiOptimum shoulder accessibility and mobility

Beach Chair Parts

The Orthopedic Beach Chair Positioner  includes a comprehensive set of parts and accessories.

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