Arthroscopy Hand Instruments
The comprehensive range of German manufactured Gateway Medical biters, punches and graspers, delivers precision and performance, time after time.

The pinless design provides maximum durability, while the open shaft ensures efficient and repeatable cleaning and sterilization.



  • Pinless design reduces the risk of breakage in the joint
  • Maximum durability
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Open shaft design allows easy and safe cleaning
  • Complete range to suit all needs
  • German manufactured for premium quality
  • Range of handle options



Rotary Scissors
Scissors: 20? Hooked, Left, Cigar Handle 424-121-911
Scissors: 20? Hooked, Right, Cigar Handle 424-121-912
Scissors: 60? Hooked, Left, Cigar Handle 424-121-913
Scissors: 60? Hooked, Right, Cigar Handle 424-121-914
Scissors: 20? Serrated, Hooked, Left, Cigar Handle 424-121-917
Scissors: 20? Serated, Hooked, Right, Cigar Handle 424-121-918
Scissors: 60? Hooked, Left, Loop Handle 424-121-923
Scissors: 60? Hooked, Right, Loop Handle 424-121-924
Scissors: 20? Hooked, Left, Loop Handle 424-121-925
Scissors: 20? Hooked, Right, Loop Handle 424-121-926
Scissors: 20? Short, Serrated Left, Loop Handle 424-121-927
Scissors: 20? Short, Serrated Right, Loop Handle 424-121-928


Basket Punches- Scoop
Straight, 1.0mm, Loop Handle 424-123-130
Curved Left, 1.3mm, Loop Handle 424-123-151
Curved Right, 1.3mm, Loop Handle 424-123-152
Upbiter, 1.3mm, Loop Handle 424-123-141
Upswept, 1.3mm, Loop Handle 424-123-142
Downbiter, 1.3mm, Loop Handle 424-123-144
Upbiter, Curved Left, 1.3mm, Loop Handle 424-123-153
Upbiter, Curved Right, 1.3mm, Loop Handle 424-123-154
Upswept,, Loop Handle 424-123-143
Upbiter, 1.5mm, Loop Handle 424-123-131
Straight, 1.5mm, Loop Handle 424-123-145
Straight, 2.7mm, Loop Handle 424-123-122
Straight, 3.4mm, Loop Handle 424-123-123
Basket Punches- Meniscal Elevator
With Extended Lip, Straight, Loop Handle 424-123-171
With Extended Lip, Upbiter, Loop Handle 424-123-172
Basket Punches - 90" Rotary
Left, Cigar Handle 424-121-011
Large, 3.4mm, 90? Left, Cigar Handletd
Large, 3.4mm, 90 Left, Loop Handle  
Large, 4.4mm, 90 Right, Loop Handle      
Small, 2.2mm, 90? Left, Cigar Handle 424-121-017
Small, 2.2mm, 90? Right, Cigar Handle 424-121-018
Small, 2.2mm, 90? Left, Loop Handle 424-121-023
Small, 2.2mm, 90? Right, Loop Handle 424-121-024
Basket Punches - Narrowline
Upbiter, Curved Left, Loop Handle 424-123-164
Upbiter, Curved Right, Loop Handle 424-123-165
Upbiter, Loop Handle 424-123-162
Straight, Loop Handle 424-123-163
Upswept, Loop Handle
45deg Left, Loop Handle
45deg Right, Loop Handle
Basket Punches - Duckbill
Upbiter, Curved Left, Loop Handle 424-123-126
Upbiter, Curved Right, Loop Handle 424-123-127
Straight, Loop Handle 424-123-124
Upswept, Loop Handle
Straight, Pro Handle
Upbiter, Pro Handle
Basket Punches - Oval
Straight, Pro Handle 424-831-8292
Straight, Loop Handle 424-831-8312
Upbiter, Loop Handle 424-831-8311
Curved Left, Loop Handle 424-831-8305
Curved Right, Loop Handle 424-831-8306
Upswept, Loop Handle 424-831-8307
Upbiter, Pro Handle 424-831-8194
Basket Punches - Bufflehead
  Straight, Loop Handle   424-123-155
Upbiter, Loop Handle 424-123-156
Curved Left, Loop Handle 424-123-157
Curved Right, Loop Handle 424-123-158
Upswept, Loop Handle 424-123-159
Straight, Pro Handle 424-831-8150
Curved Left, Pro Handle 424-831-8161
Curved Right, Pro Handle
Elevator, Loop Handle


Superior Meniscal Punch

Basket Punches - Backbiter

Superior Biter, Straight, Pro Handle 424-831-0989
Right, Loop Handle 424-123-169
Left, Loop Handle 424-123-160
Right, Pro  Handle 424-831-8165 
Left, Pro Handle 424-831-8165 
Posterior Punches    
Upbiter, Loop Handle 424-123-312
Upswept, Loop Handle 424-123-313
Straight, Loop Handle 424-123-314
Curved Left, Loop Handle 424-123-315
Curved Right, Loop Handle 424-123-316
Basket Punches - Blunt Nose
Straight, Loop Handle 424-123-146


Graspers - Loosebody Forceps
Loosebody Forceps, 1x2 Teeth, SlideLock
Loosebody Forceps, 1x2 Teeth, Pro Handle
Graspers - Cupped
Serrated Straight, 2.7mm, Slide Lock Handle 424-122-123
Serrated Straight, 3.4mm, Slide Lock Handle 424-122-125
Serrated Straight, 3.4mm, Slide Lock Handle 424-831-8811

W/slide Lock 2.25mm Longer Version
Serrated Straight, 3.4mm, Pro Handle


Biopsy Rongeur, Loop Handle 424-125-831
Mini Biopsy, Loop Handle 424-125-954

Graspers- Alligator

Heavy, Straight 2.7mm, Slide Lock Handle 424-122-135
Delicate, Straight Slide Lock Handle 424-122-131
Upcurved 2.7mm, Slide Lock Handle
Delicate, Straight, 2.7mm, Pro Handle
Graspers Atraumatic    
  Tissue Tensioner, Straight With Slide Lock Handle
Cannulated Tissue Tensioner, Straight, Slide
Lock Handle
Arthroplasty Instruments
Biopsy Ronguer Jr. Punch, Mini Loop Handle 424-125-954
Blunt Nose Jr. Punch, Mini Loop Handle 424-125-955
Heavy Jr. Grasper, Mini Loop Handle 424-125-956
Small Joint Grasper, Mini Loop Handle 424-124-320
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